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Strolling Around Takeshita Street, Harajuku

I went to Harajuku during my free time while I was an exchange student in Japan. My mission (LOL) was to explore Takeshita Street (竹下通り Takeshita Doori) in Harajuku.

Firstly, I arrived at Harajuku Station, then took the Takeshita Exit. There were sooooo many people, as always.

Harajuku Station

Just outside Harajuku Station, a group of boys were having a performance.

Colorful! xD

What Takeshita Street looked like. Wa.. wait.. where's the street by the way? It's soo crowded >.<

It's all about clothes, and shoes as well~~~~~~!!

Colorful costumes!

And, it's all about cute accessories~~~! Paris Kids, is a shop that sells many cute accessories and everything is only JPY300 (plus tax) !!

Crepe shops are also popular in Takeshita Street~!

Finally I reached the end of Takeshita Street..

Last but not least, Harajuku is all about street fashion!!

Mission completed!!

P.S. The last pic was taken at different day, so the decoration was different from the first pic lol. But the crowd was still the same xD