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[ENG] Odaiba, 2013-2018

Hi guys! In today's article, I'll take you to Odaiba お台場, an ultramodern and colorful area on Tokyo Bay (quoted from The Official Tokyo Travel Guide Odaiba is indeed one of my favorite places in Tokyo. I've been in Odaiba 4 times since 2013, but this place never fails to amaze me. Every visit has different impression. So let me take you to Odaiba through the time travel!

As we all know, Odaiba is one of the most 'mainstream' destinations for tourists in Tokyo. You can experience riding the monorail through the Rainbow Bridge, see the 1:1 scale Gundam statue, see the Liberty statue replica, chill at the Odaiba beach, adore the night orientation or just shop at the malls. So, here's my summary about how Odaiba and I has changed over the 5 years hihihi

Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge

Odaiba 2013-2018

The 1st time. It was during JENESYS2.0 J-Pop Culture Program on October 2013. Our Hyogo D group coordinators brought us to Odaiba to have lunch. So first we went to The Oven American Buffet which was located just across the Rainbow Bridge. We could see the beautiful view of Odaiba from this restaurant...

I couldn't resist to not taking picture, pardon my 5-year-ago-face-and-pose LOL

After having lunch, we were given free time so we decided to go for Gundam! Big thanks to Angela Pricillya Jacqueline and Kadek Hari Baskara (hey look I write your full name!) who accompanied me invited me to explore Odaiba further so that I could see the 18-meter tall RX-78-2 Gundam. After walking through the crossing bridge for around 20 minutes from Aqua City, finally we managed to see the RX-78-2 just in front of Diver City. I was startled to see the real size of the mecha for the first time O.o Thanks also to the kind photographer-san who helped us to take picture yeaaayyy. I was super happy!

Pallete Town Odaiba

1:1 Scale RX-78-2 Gundam

I was shocked because of the size hahaha

Thanks to kind photographer-san, camera belongs to Angela Pricillya Jacqueline

The 2nd time. One year later. It was during program orientation for at ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) - Trans ASEAN Global (TAG) Exchange Program at University of Tsukuba on September 2014. The AIMS-TAG staffs also took us to Odaiba. Finally I managed to see the 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam again for the 2nd time, yeaaaay.

Aqua City Odaiba

TAG-AIMS Indonesian participants!

Not only the Gundam this time, we went also to Odaiba beach to chill a bit hehe. It was such a relaxing atmosphere in the afternoon!

Odaiba Beach

Selfie with Gina and Ade!

The 3rd time. During the last month of my exchange program in University of Tsukuba, suddenly I wanted to go back to Odaiba to see the Odaiba illumination alone, by myself. Despite the freezing cold weather, I really wanted to enjoy the night view of Odaiba alone. A solo trip in the winter night, they said, hehe. And, the solo trip was beyond great!

Before taking the Yurikamome Monorail

How to get there:
1. From  JR Shinbashi St, walk to Yurikamome Monorail Station
2. Take Yurikamome Monorail to Daiba St (JPY 320)

It's recommended to ride the monorail when it's already dark outside, since you can see the light through the Rainbow Bridge!

Rainbow Brigde

Odaiba Illumination

Statue of Liberty miniature

1:1 Scale RX-78-2 Gundam at Diver City Tokyo

Side view with illuminations around

Colorful lights at night

Three years later. The 4th time. It was already spring in Tokyo, and I finally managed to go back to Japan, now together with Mom and Dad! I put Odaiba on the list (again ahahaha), I wanted to show the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba to them and they were also impressed! I took Yurikamome monorail once again to get there.

From this visit, I managed to see the new 19-meter tall Unicorn Gundam which replaced the old RX-78-2 Gundam!!!!! The new Gundam was in glorious white body equipped with dazzling red light. Super cool!

1:1 Scale Unicorn Gundam at Diver City Tokyo

It's cool from the back side as well!

Recently, The Mori Builing Digital Art Museum: TeamLab Borderless is just opened in Odaiba. Hope I can go there in the near future! For those who will be in Tokyo, be sure to add Odaiba to your destination list! Hihihi

See you on the next post!