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[Review] ねぇ HelloPika ハロピか The Talking PIkachu Robot from TAKARATOMY!!!

Hi, guys!!! So, this is my first post reviewing a toy yeaaaayyy!!! OMG why I'm so excited hahaha! Yes, as stated in the title, it is the ねぇHelloPika ハロピか Talking Pikachu Robot from TAKARATOMY Japan!!! What is HelloPika actually? Does it really talk? Let's find out!


At the end of May 2018, TAKARATOMY posted a special movie about a talking Pikachu robot through its official youtube channel. I saw it then I was hipnotized really wanted to buy it so bad as soon as it's launched hahaha. Here is the special movie by the way, but my question was: Would it be the same as which shown in the promotional video?

Then, it was announced as well at TAKARATOMY's website that "a pocket-size Pikachu robot that replies when we talk to it" would be launched on Saturday, August 4th, 2018. The price would be ¥2,990 excluding tax, and this talking robot would be sold through channels throughout Japan such as toy stores, the toy department of department stores and major retailers, online stores and TOMY’s official shopping site, Takaratomy Mall.

It is said that HelloPika was developed after TAKARATOMY had the idea to create a 'real' Pikachu that would give us response and cute motion, just like in the anime. This 'real' Pikachu would also give us its other emotions, like anger, sadness, etc. It was also planned for release in 9 other Asian countries including South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Why not Indonesia?!?!? I called my friend who works in Japan immediately and ask him to buy me the HelloPika, as he would go back to Indonesia for his 'summer paid holiday' hahaha.

So here was my friend' story :

"It was on Sunday, August 5th, just one day after HelloPika's launching date. As your request, I went to department store near my apartment to see if HelloPika was sold there, there were dozens of Pikachu robots which were on display, but when I asked if I could buy it, it was already sold out."

So he checked on Amazon Japan and.......... yasssssssss Amazon still had some stock of HelloPika sold at their website but.........wait..........WITH. HIGHER. PRICE. Yes, the normal price was ¥3,480 at Amazon but at that moment the price was ¥4,640. Ah, so this kind of thing also happen in Japan desune. He then sent me a picture of HelloPika which was shown at Amazon Japan's website and as expected the Pikachu robot was too cute to the point that I couldn't say no!!! At the end I still asked him to put the order on Amazon Japan. It was more expensive but I still wanted to buy it. Dear wallet, please forgive me~~~ Just one unit of HelloPika~~~

And, TA-DAH! Finally.....this is my HelloPika! Kyaaaaaa~~~ The size is around 10-11cm. It is written at the back side of the box that this is for "3 years old and older", so yes I'm included hahaha.

My HelloPika!

Bolts everywhere hahaha

The ON-OFF switch

By the way, batteries are not included, so we need to buy them first to turn it on. HelloPika uses two AAA batteries.

Opened it by using the screwdriver

Two AAA batteries to bring Pikachu into life

Okay now let's start from HelloPika's tagline:

HelloPika's tagline

" 話しかけるとこたえてくれるピカチュウのロボット" 
" Hanashi-kakeru-to-kotaete-kureru-Pikachu-no-robotto"
" A Pikachu robot that will answers, if you talk to it"

Well, as promised, HelloPika can produce sound--which is Pikachu's voice, just like in the anime--when there's when there's also sound around it.

So, let's see other HelloPika's features as written on its box:

" HelloPikaは話しかけると振り向いておしゃべりしてくれます"
" HelloPika-wa, hanashi-kakeru-to-furimuite-oshaberi-shite-kuremasu"
" HelloPika will turn around if you talk to it"

" Unazuitari, iyagattari, hoppe-o-hikarasetari, "
" Nodding, disliking, lighting up its cheek,"

" Jyuuman-boruto-o-dashitari, nemuttari, okottari,"
" Radiating the '100,000 Volt', sleeping, getting angry,"

" 歌ったり、返事をしたり、笑ったり、"
" Utattari, henji-o-shitari, warattari,"
" Singing, replying, laughing,"

So yes, what's special about its voice producing feature is that there are many kinds of voice (of course pre-recorded) which expresses Pikachu's various emotions. I can hear whining Pikachu, angry Pikachu, singing Pikachu, laughing Pikachu, etc. just like what are written on its box. Plus, the Pikachu robot has two sensors for sound, one on the left and one on the right side of its body, so the neck part will rotate towards the sound source. It will make an impression that the Pikachu really hear you and look toward you when you speak to it. Well that's superrrrrrr cute!

And umm, as you can hear from the video. The only thing that I don't like about this HelloPika is the sound produced by its neck's movement when it nodds. It gives me a little impression that its neck will broke soon if it's turned on continuously T.T

At the side part of the box..

" はなしかけると...ピカチュウ!つつくと... ピカピカ :D"
"Hanashi-kakeru-to... Pikachu! tsutsuku-to... PikaPika :D "
" If you talk to it... Pikachu! if you poke it... PikaPika :D "

" 家でも一緒。外でも一緒。"
"Ie demo issho. Soto demo issho"
"Together at home. Together outside"

Outdoor Pikachu!

Bonus!!! HelloPika X Pokeball (was a container for Pokemon Center's Pikachu candy hihi)

Overall, HelloPika impresses me. Surely, it is a toy that will be liked by everyone in the family! My mom and dad like it too! Such a stress reliever at home!

Okay guys, that was HelloPika's amateur review from me. See you on the next post!